Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's Up in the Yo?

When E was very young, she used to run around the house saying "What's up in the Yo? What's up in the Yo?" while throwing her arms into the toddler version of gangsta signs. Ever since, the phrase has been commonly heard from all of us when we are feeling silly. Lately, it has come to have new meaning.
The boys have succumbed to a yo-yo obsession. It all started when B was cleaning some things out of the attic and came across an old yo-yo, he gave it to Z to play with. Eventually, they all realized that this was "way better than the ones we get at the Dollar Tree". In the never-ending quest to have the best, most up-to date of everything, BJ began a little online research. After pooling money, and enlisting my help to get out of paying the exorbitant shipping rates (find us one of those online coupons, mom), they placed an order and the waiting began. I was prohibited from running errands during "mailman time". What if we missed the delivery of the "package". One afternoon while standing in the kitchen, I saw the mailman pull up. I announced this exciting news and the entire gaggle of us stood at the front windows and watched the mailman hold a large parcel in his hand, scan it with his thingamajig, slip our mail into the box and drive away WITH THE PACKAGE. We stood there in disbelief. I ordered BJ to run over there and check the mail. He sprinted across the street, pulled the mail out of the box and held up that little orange slip. I signalled wildly with my arms through the kitchen window, go after him! So, BJ proceeded to sprint down the street, nearly two blocks he would later report. He caught that mailman and demanded his package. Now, BJ was so excited to receive the delivery and probably really enjoyed the chase, so he did not realize that the mailman deserved a tongue lashing for this behavior. Can you believe he did not even get his lazy butt out and attempt to deliver the package? He obviously did not even LOOK at our house to assess if someone was home, or he would have seen FIVE of us staring out the window at him. Oh, I was steamed.
Anyway, we now have four yo-yo's, a Fireball, the Brain, a Gamma Brain, and a Duncan reflex. According to M, "They have centrifical clutches in them that release the axle so they can return on command." Huh? They came with a dvd showing 150, I repeat 150, different yo-yo tricks. I believe BJ has mastered 12 of them. I did manage to slip in a little history lesson about the origins of yo-yo's. "A weapon?? Cool."
"What's up in the Yo?"


Rebeca said...

I love it! That's awesome that they get so excited about such a simple, kid-powered toy!