Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Look What I Made

At Christmas, my grandma gave me a hand knitted round dishcloth. I fell in LOVE with it. I sent her an email asking if she'd give me the pattern. A few days later, a package arrived in the mail containing the pattern, a set of circular needles, and a sample of the yarn. My grandma rocks. Now would probably be a good time to mention that I just taught myself to knit (from a book) last year. So, after looking up some of the abbreviations in the pattern and watching some online videos, I set out to make my own dishcloth. I started it on Sunday night and finished it this afternoon. Isn't it cute?? and look how well it drapes in the middle of the sink!


Sheri said...

Very beautiful dish cloth. It goes nicely with that bright, sparkling sink.

Angie said...

that is so cool. maybe you can teach me how!